Social Impact

What our young people say

“Getting this job was life-changing for me because it was really good… like I was enjoying it, getting up every day, going to work… because I was getting out of the house. It was making me do something. It was a life changer.”

– Zac

Our mission

Bridging The Gap

At SP Worx, our mission is to bridge the gap for disengaged young people, giving them a hand-up and a sense of purpose by providing them with real jobs. Through training in soft employability skills and on-the-job mentoring we help at-risk young people become job ready with the goal of integrating into the mainstream workforce. We partner with our not-for-profit organisation, ‘Street Peace’ based in Melbourne’s South East and offer supported employment pathways for young people engaged in their programs.

Our objectives for employing at-risk and disengaged young people into SP Worx are to:

  • Develop employability skills and increased opportunity to transition into ongoing employment or accredited training / apprenticeships
  • Develop a sense of purpose and meaning through paid employment
  • Provide an increased sense of hope about the future
  • Improve mental health and well-being
  • Decrease rates of crime and anti-social behaviour in the community
  • Increase civic participation through volunteering opportunities.

Street Peace is a not-for-profit, faith-based organization based in Frankston, providing mentoring, training, and employment opportunities for disengaged youth.  We empower positive life choices and carry a message of hope as we bring peace to our communities.